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My experience includes an in-depth familiarity with the German Shepherd Dog for over 40 years. My program consist of Six AKC German Shepherd Dogs that are trained, shown & titled. Exclusively Schutzhund, IPO of GERMAN lines from World Renowned kennels. I have personally shown in USCA, GSDCA & AKC to TITLE all of my dogs. EVERY dog has been certified by OFA and/or the SV (Germany) on Hips, Elbows and DM. I am honored to say that OFA used a dog of my breeding, purchased from me, as their Logo. I give a written warranty that a dog from my program will OFA Certify on Hips, Elbows and DM along with a guarantee against any life threatening Genetic Health problem or you will receive MONEY back!

My clients are offered a "do it yourself" dog training program. Training dogs properly isn’t a simple task. I have trained a number of dogs and have figured out that not one training method will work for every single dog. Sometimes, if even one thing you are doing wrong gets overlooked, it could be a huge setback with a dog’s training. My time and yours is valuable and it is discouraging not seeing results when you have been putting in the time in training your dog. That is why I refer all of my clients to Crosswinds K-9, Phyllis Tustin, she is a Professional Trainer that trains you to train your dog and she oversees your progress when you attend her classes, in my opinion you WILL NOT find any other trainer in the Tri-State area (WV, PA & OH) with her experteese. Police departments travel over 3 hours (one direction) for her training instructions and guidance. Homeland Intelligence Protective Services seek her guidance. She is a Nationally Recognized Professional Trainer featured in magazines and several books. You may contact her at (724) 663-DOGS.
I can also assist in locating a reputable trainer in your area. I will locate the closest USCA club for you!

I have dogs with:

Law Enforcement
Industrial Businesses
and as Family companion as well as protectors

The Law Enforcement K9s have visited county fairs and serve as therapy dogs for abused children while inside and outside of the court room. Not only are they a working officer, they are a friend to the community..

I specialize in the Security System any child can hug, play ball with, the cat can sleep with and YOU can live with!

I do not always have puppies but I
will give you the contact information
of breeders that may have puppies


Cell: 724-825-0124

USCA Member
GSDCA Member
Money Back Warranty!
Buy from a breeder you can trust. I have had the same address since 1982 and the same phone number for over 20 years.
One of MY puppies is in a MOVIE being released in 2021!
My dogs are MDR1, HU, VWD1, DM  Certified!!!
PLUS:  Hips & Elbows are Certified!!!
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